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It certainly can be hard, especially when you first get into guitar. The majority of young kids have access to free music, but they often get into the habit of playing their favorite songs for hours at a time and spending hours practicing, sometimes even longer.

I’m not one of those kids who plays any time I don’t have to! I play whenever I have something to do, and I also love to jam a little with friends in my spare time. My main motivator is I’ve made a hobby out of playing (mostly) all the time.

But what happens when you get to know people who have been playing since they were 5? Some musicians actually get into the practice of teaching as well.

What’s the opposite of solo practice?

I don’t have a specific method, but most of the time I use the same thing for everything.

I like to take practice time at least an hour a day for at least an entire week. It’s always good to have a time when I don’t have to think about the process, and I never feel pressured to do things perfectly. I just do the thing that inspires me and makes me proud of myself.

You mentioned it’s very easy to have time wasted in practice. That’s definitely happening. I’ve heard people compare practicing by yourself to writing novels, making music, or having friends over to play golf. These are some of the worst types of practices I’ve seen. They aren’t good for anyone.

I hope these lessons resonate with you, and that you take these exercises to heart so you can become a guitar maniac, too!

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Alex’s experience with music and music theory inspired him to write these books. He studied music and composition at the University of California, Davis, where he also worked as a music teacher. You can catch him on Twitter and Instagram.

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