Is it OK to start with an electric guitar?

I don’t want to be a big band. I’m a kid and I want to grow up and play the piano and sing.” That isn’t what it’s about.

“No, but I think it is,” Kastle says. “We’re all grown up now. We have to be adults. We all have an opinion. We all have a story we want to tell. How can we tell it?”

So, are you all good buddies now?

That’s right.

And will you all meet for lunch sometime soon?

No, I’ll probably go home to take a nap on my couch on Friday. But I will probably come back. My friends would definitely be cool.

You have a new EP in the works. How has the process been?

I think it has been pretty awesome, to be honest. The process starts with the record. There is a lot of time and we get that in there, but before we can actually do any of the actual recording that’s just a little bit of time. We really need to record it. I think we have a good vibe of what we’re doing. At the moment, I just want to stay out of it. Because of what is going on, things are too busy, a lot of things are on the backburner for now.

Do you guys still get a lot of new material coming your way?

I guess at least that’s for sure. I mean, I guess sometimes a band does make a record like that but you go, “Whoa, that sucks.” We’ll continue to work a bit, and maybe we should come up with other ideas, that’s for sure. We’re doing some new stuff for us, that’s the main thing. We don’t really mind. It’s cool. I’m a fan of new music. I like to hear the new records. I always like when bands make a new record because it keeps it fresh and it keeps people excited. I’m trying to think of a better term for it than that. Hopefully, we’ll be back with a new EP soon, then we’ll get a record out.

The new EP’s titled “The Light Inside.” Is that a reference to the recent tragedy in Orlando, Florida?

It’s just me thinking about anything, really. It’s so horrible and we know how it feels, all of the tragedies that have happened all over the world. We just need to