Is it OK to start with an electric guitar?

The electric guitar has a long history in music, having been used as a recording instrument by the likes of Hendrix and the Rolling Stones. While they’re not for everyone, it’s something that can’t be denied and something that can easily be used to create great music in a very short time. We often use our electric guitars on our tracks which creates a very natural vibe and allows us to bring more ‘human’ aspects to our songs.

What would you say is the biggest misconception about electric guitar?

The biggest misconception is that electric guitars lack the ‘human element’. While there is certainly a slight “vibe” to each note playing a guitar, the guitar can do much more so than just play notes! We have found that it is often too easy to write music just with the notes of the guitar, and too much “human” side effects are generated, creating a lack of atmosphere to the music. Electric guitars are not like an electric guitar which has a “breathe” to it, it has an innate spirit which comes through much more naturally.

How has technology and sound engineering changed in the last 25 years and do you see any future for yourself in terms of creating music?

Technology has certainly opened up a lot of opportunities in terms of what we can achieve on a small budget and it has been great to see how it has developed.

Technology could be used to help us create a more “human” aspect to our music, using different instruments that play different harmonics. For instance you could use a vibrato or a distortion in the music with a delay effect. With that said, our music is very much about using only what we are capable of using right now on our instruments.

What are your goals for the future as a band?

We want to continue to create music which is inspiring to people, so that music fans will continue to have that special feeling which they feel after hearing our music. We want to expand to the United States and become a bigger part of the music landscape in the future.

Where do you see the music industry changing?

I see the music industry changing as a lot of people are using their computers to find out information on everything from politics all the way to education. Some people have begun to do research on alternative sources of energy and have come across some very interesting stories through it. This is obviously good news for the music industry.

You have had the privilege of working with many different musicians over the