Is it worth it to learn guitar? – Guitar Primary Lesson

At the moment I’m in the beginning stages of writing my first full length guitar piece – it’ll probably be done in a few days. I’m hoping to put out a video first thing in the week before Christmas, so if anyone’s interested in seeing what it sounds like then you can find that here.

In the mean time I’m just going to write all the time, and hopefully it will all come together and I’ll finish it up in time for summer!

What’s the most important piece of training you’ve received that you’d like to pass onto the next generation?

The most important lesson I got from that experience was to not focus only on what I could do but to also be able to listen to what other people are doing, as in how they do it!

A few years back when I was just starting to learn to read music I learned a new and very valuable skill.

It was a skill I took from the guitar teacher who had once worked at a studio where I was playing – he taught me to analyse and study the sounds of the music.

The key thing he taught me was that a great drummer can actually be a great listener, or as I would put it a ‘hacker’ of sorts!

To me these are just the things you really should learn and remember, the music will make itself clear whether you do it or not, if you don’t you’ll be lost, if you don’t learn then you won’t become better, if someone is better then you can learn what they can do too. It helps to be aware of the music, or what can be done with it, but just to really listen to it, and then hopefully learn something from that experience as a person.

What is the one piece of equipment you never want to be without?

I don’t want it ever to end!

It’s a good thing that I have access to a Yamaha guitar and a ZEUS amp.

I love having both – they’re really nice and I use them on nearly all of my songs but if I lose my microphone I will always have this thing to play to, and that means that I can listen to the music whenever I want without any interference – so there’s always some place to listen and I also have the opportunity to practice in a nice setting where I’m not too bothered about sound quality.

How would you describe the song writing process?

I tend to write on

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