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What guitar teaching is worth?

What guitar lessons are worth?

How to learn guitar?

My story

I always wanted to hear the sweet sound of a blues guitar. After I lost my job at a car dealership, I became really passionate about music. However, I didn’t start learning to play by listening to recordings.

I started learning by playing guitar. I started playing a “standard” guitar and after a while I got to the point where I was able to play and feel more comfortable on my own with both acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

My guitar technique changed after I came to a realization that it is not just a mental exercise. You really need to practice, practice, practice!

My lessons have been given by some great instructors.

One of my favorite teachers is Jason “Spud” Williams at “Big River Guitar”. He is an awesome teacher with huge guitar knowledge and a huge amount of passion for the blues. He helped me transition from playing more guitar for fun to playing guitar professionally.

He is not a teacher and will not push or force you into any specific way to learn guitar. He only wants his students to become better players.

My instructor is John Gossage. He is a rock musician and is a big fan of rock. He is a great coach that encourages and teaches the guitar as it is and not in a conventional way.

He makes me look good while he is teaching me how to play a guitar. With him and his team working together, the results can be amazing. He is very passionate about teaching and has taught hundreds of students in the past.

You can see some of my other lessons at: https://soundcloud.com/jwssound

My lessons are worth $15.00.

I have been playing guitar professionally for about 10 years.

I am a full time teacher who works out of the Los Angeles area. I teach about 25 lessons a week to a small number of students who are either beginner or intermediate guitarists.

I always have on my phone a recording of the lessons I have given, along with a photo of my guitar.

I work in Los Angeles and have an office in the West Hollywood area. I travel all over Los Angeles and Orange County. I have a very nice truck and have been teaching guitar for about 5 years; I just got my license. This allows me to work in the area where I live

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