What age is good to start guitar lessons? – How To Play Electric Guitar For Dummies

It doesn’t matter, I always start at the youngest age possible and it depends on the skill level and the individual. A young beginner can start with a beginner guitar lesson. A more experienced beginner would do a two or three day course, for example. If it is not possible for you, then you should think about starting a guitar journey right away, so as to enjoy it to the nth degree. It gives more benefits than the alternative, which is to spend more money and time.

How many times per day should you play a chord?

It depends on the quality of the teacher, but generally a four day course is plenty.

When should I practice?

When you are ready to rock, i.e. in your late teens, is the right moment, of course. But it doesn’t have to be at any minute. The key to learning is to play the most important chords first and then try to apply the concepts you learn and play them. There is no time limit, if you like doing it yourself, you are much more likely to pick up some new things in the process.

How do I study music theory?

There are many free online learning resources. Some of them may be expensive, but they should be of a high standard. You should check out this post to see how much it goes and what courses are worth your time, time and money.

How do I develop a good ear?

Practice is your best teacher, because if you don’t practice, you will never know how to tune instruments.

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Is there any particular band I can learn from?

If you like to learn classical music, then get a guitar teacher so that you are not left with a gap. Go on the internet and search for musicians and you find some pretty good players. You can also be sure that they don’t pay so much for their courses.

I hear guitar lessons are boring, is there any good alternative?

Do more than one day per week – there’s no harm in it. In fact, some people say it is actually good when you practice only once a week. And you are doing your brain a favor: each practise session only uses up a tiny amount of brain power.

If you play your guitar regularly, you get to listen to a huge variety of new music, which is what really matters to a musician. You get a chance to play other people’s songs, that would never be thought

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