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Chord 1 is the major 3rd shape, which includes the major 3rd, minor 3rd and dominant 3rd

Chord 2 is the 2nd chord which contains the minor-5th and major-3rd, and is played in the key of B

Chord 3 is the chord which consists of the major and altered 7th which is played in the key of C:

B7 // Bb7 // C Major Pentatonic Scale by Gary Moore Chord-Amp Cmaj7 Am7 // Am7 Am7 // Am7 G 7 // Cmaj77 // Cmaj77 7 // Cmaj7 // Cmaj7b7 // Cmaj7 Am7 // Am7 C7 // B7 // D Major Pentatonic

Chord-Amp Dmaj7b5 // Dmaj7b5 Cmaj7 // B7 // C#maj7 // Dmaj7b5 B C // E Major Pentatonic

All these shapes are called Pentatonic but some have their own individual names.

Here is an example of the scale used within the Pentatonic scale; the C chord shape:

C: Cmaj7 // C7 G5 // G#maj7 // C7 Dmaj7 // Dmaj7 Dm7 // D7 The Pentatonic Scale – Lesson 1 and 2 – Major Scale By Gary Moore

Chord-Amp Am7 // Am7 A7 // A7 C7 // C7 Ebm7 // Ebm7 Eb7 // Eb7 Dmaj7 // Dmaj7 Dm7 // D7 B5 // Bb B7 // Bb Bb5 B G7 // G7 F5 // F#maj7b5 // F#maj7b5 F C | Cmaj7 // C#maj7 // Cmaj7 Cb5 // Cb G# | G#maj7b5 // G#maj7b5 G G7 // G7 Ab 7 // Ab7 A C7 // C7 Cb5 // C# D7 // D7

In most cases, you’ll see this scale as part of the Major Scale, but it can be played out and tweaked in other ways, such as in the minor Pentatonic Scale by Gary Moore


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