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I’ve given you 4 that are most likely for you. You probably won’t find all 5 of these 5 in the same key. For example, try this song by the Foo Fighters which they wrote called “The Black Album” which is in F minor. Here’s the entire song with the basic guitar chords. There are 12 notes, so you might have to count it on your fingers. It’s a little like this.

Now you should be able to say the basic guitar chords which are as follows. Just add up the first 5 notes and you get the root note and then add up the rest of the notes.

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The 5 chords for the key of G minor

Let’s go on with the song again. The chord progression is F G E

If you do that you will find this is a B minor chord. You might just have to stop and get some help from a teacher or go see some guitar students. So now that we know what you’re going to need, we’re going to go back to our song again. This time add in the notes for the second bar and you’ll find these are as follows.

How about this F E A C C F D# D# D# D# D#

Now you have a song in F minor like that?

How about this F minor G major chord?

How about this F minor Am major chord?

Here I’ve set up some notation for you for these chords. Again just start adding up the notes. Just start with just one and add up until you find the chord. You don’t have to put a stop if you find a chord that you like. You’re probably going to find that chords like these work really well for your songs.

Here is another G minor chord. What you’re going to find as you add the notes is you are going to find three different C major types of chords as well. You have the D major chord, which is the C major chord and then there are also D minor chords such as Am and Bm.

Now let’s learn the D major chords from the F major chord. This C major chord and D major, D major chord are used to build and create the feel of the song. These are very effective chords in general of creating melodies.

Here we have a G major chord with the same notes as the F minor chord. The D major chord is the A major chord. This is used during the song

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