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As in you can find a chart at the bottom for this but I’ll just make a few quick notes:

Open chord: E, A

F major: D, F

A minor: D, B

D minor: F#, G

C major: A, D#

A minor: A, B

B major: D, E

B minor: G, A#

If you can’t figure out the chords on your own then you can also find some excellent books that will help:

1. Guitar Chords

2. Rock Guitar Chord Dictionary

3. Rock Guitar Guitar Chord Compos

Guitar Theory

So why guitar chords? There has been plenty of theorising on this subject (if you’re interested in theory just read my earlier articles on the science of playing a guitar).

Firstly, you can get the concepts of “key” and “mode” in guitar theory. So to see a common chord in rock you could pick B, G or A and see what that chord sounds like in those keys.

The two chords (which come together in certain keys), like G and A, are in the major key, which is D and E. A minor chord is in C. If the key changes in other key then this chord changes too (not in order).

So if G in any key was major you can also think of the chord, it would need something higher (E in Bb) to sound like a major chord.

Now to the important stuff:

1. The E major chord is E A B C in the key of C, therefore, its in the key of that key and is not a half step below C.

2. You can use the E major chord in any key, E in G D A b etc.

3. Every chord is a series of chords, so if A in G is E A B then the chord is in C.

Some cool things about E key:

Its the first chord in the scale.

It is the chord of the tonic.

Its one step down in the scale

It’s the fifth note of the scale.

It’s a flat chord.

1. So now you want to play the chord, so to say (E/F#/G#/B and some of the other “c”s are

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