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The most powerful man in Germany made an appearance on the front page of one of Germany’s largest newspapers as a protest against the current government.

The Bild reported that the Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government had introduced a law allowing police to take away people’s mobile phones when they are stopped without reasonable suspicion.

Mr. Schulz, a member of the Social Democrats (SPD) who is often called the ‘Martin Schulz of Germany’, said:

Today they’re asking for a law to be passed to allow police to take people’s mobile phones when they stop them, for example checking on passengers on a busy train.

He added:

The German police must learn to ask the question: ‘Am I being detained while I’m making a phone call?’ If they don’t, they shouldn’t be allowed to conduct further checks.

It has been reported that Germany has the lowest level of smartphone use in the EU, but we should certainly look at this law carefully.

Do you think that the current police power grab is too extreme? Should German citizens be more aware of a country that allows a law about the ability of the police to take away their phones? Or is it just Germany getting paranoid and that we should be more concerned with the UK and Australia?

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From Dota 2 Wiki

Sha’ar Voiced by: Matthew Kudrinsky

Fionn Jacobs Writer: Matthew Kudrinsky Game: Dota 2 Released: October 14, 2012 Genre: Action, Strategy Affiliation: Team Archon Role: Carry Voice Actor: Matthew Kudrinsky

Sha’ar is the Carry of Archon. He was removed from his solo position

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