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The most used guitar chord in the entire song is the root note of the D tuning scale – the root note of the A tuning of the guitar (7th fret C, G and B, and the root note of the D tuning, E). But why do we use the root note of the D tuning scale as the root note for the song? For one, it is one of those notes that doesn’t sound odd when you hit the neck, is also really popular guitar parts, and is also the first chord in a tonal scale we’ve built up so far (which is why you see it so often!).

As we mentioned before, you tend to use the root notes of more familiar guitar parts more frequently than those of the D tuning. As you learned in “A Thousand Years”, the scale that we are building up is a 7th scale (in this case, the chromatic scale). There are only 4 chords in this scale, one root note at every fret. When you hear inversions of these D notes as part of popular jazz, jazz fusion, and blues, it’s usually the root.

When the song was recorded, I did this to make the song’s final verses work. I had the bass player read the verses over a drum beat. Then the drums would play their own beats, and when it reached the end of verse #1, that’s when the bass player would play the notes of the 7th scale (this is the root of D).

This example doesn’t represent how each chord is used in the song, but how the lyrics help to connect these chords and the chorus. In this case, you might notice that A and A (for example) are actually the same bass note (E). But as with most things, the lyrics do the rest of the work. When reading a song, you’re looking for this. You’re not looking for the lyrics to a chord progression. It just makes it easier for you to sing along.

What’s the best guitar chord to use in the verse?

One thing I noticed from listening to this song again is the fact that there are more chord changes in the chorus than in the verse. This is actually because there are 5 chords that play major or minor roles in this chorus verses.

The verse is a full 4:1 chord progression and the chorus is basically a 3:5 chord progression. This means that the root note of the D chord is also the root note of all other chords

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