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Which instrument’s guitar player is responsible for the coolest cover songs of all time?

We also have a video showing off the first ever live footage of this song from one of our recent tours (watch below):

In a strange bit of trivia about the song, it was written by David Guetta who was also the drummer for the British band, One Direction.

So, it would appear that the song is a pretty good fit for One Direction, as it also features the drum parts of One Direction’s band mate, Harry Styles.

One Direction’s cover of The Beatles is pretty amazing.

How Do You Know This (One Direction Cover)…?

Because it’s so cool!

No you’re not imagining it. If you read that title, you already know how we came to it. Let me explain…

In a previous installment of this Guitar Song Guide, we made an in-depth examination of the guitar playing of Ed Rush, John Mayer, and Eric Clapton. That means we covered every single part of their guitar playing and I don’t even want to get any further than that.
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Here’s the thing about The Beatles cover…it wasn’t their first time out. They were also huge fans of The Rolling Stones and they were able to take some original ideas from that band and make them their own.

What if you took an idea that The Rolling Stones had for a cover song of their own and applied it to The Beatles ‘ song?

What if that band would then take those same songs and re-record them with the help of The Rolling Stones, and you had The Lennon and McCartney Cover of Sgt. Pepper.

The only difference is you could have had those original songs from the Stones’ original producer, Jimmy Jam to work their magic. As it turns out, those original tunes were also inspired by the Stones…and of course The Dead Kennedys.

How Do I Know This?

If you read all of our previous articles like these, you probably already know how we came to this conclusion of having Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Ringo Starr cover the ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ song.

So, yeah … there it is…the answer to how The Beatles would have done a Lennon/McCartney Cover.

Check out a lot of clips from our interview with Phil Lesh at our previous articles:


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