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Most guitars feature the A major scale, and most of them have a solid or semi-solid body that includes a tuner that offers you access to a range of different fingerings. In many cases, it’s worth your time to learn these patterns in anticipation of playing an instrument that you’ll use all the time.

However, some other guitar playing modes—such as sharps, flats, and pentatonic—are still in high demand. If you’re thinking about learning a different technique, these scales can be a great way to start. If you get the hang of them, you’ve got a good start.

Let’s take a second to look at a couple of different scales to practice in preparation for your next song.

1. Pentatonic Blues Scale

It’s usually the first of the four scales we’ll learn. It works really well for soloing, and you can pick it up on a number of instruments—from the electric guitar to the mandolin to the bass.

2. Mixolydian Scale

Mixolydian is a scale that has the same fingerings as the A major scale, but without the A. So if you want to know how to play scales, you’ll start with the A minor scale in order to learn the mixed-up Mixolydian scale.

3. Gaj7b5 Scale

Also known as the Aeolian Scale, this is an essential foundation for jazz, blues, blues rock, and other progressive rock styles. If you’ve played or listened to music with many different chord and scale patterns, you’ll find the Gaj7b5 key to be a great starting point.

4. Am7#5 Scale

Am7a5 is another classic scale that you’ll get a lot of use from in jazz and blues. It’s a classic scale to keep in your arsenal because of its easy fingering and range—even if you never perform with it.

5. Major Scale

The first of the four scales we’ll learn, this is your reference scale for scales and scales. It’s not a hard scale to play, but it can get really tricky later in the course of learning and practicing.

6. Aeolian Melodic Scale

Aeolian melodic scale is a classic melodic minor scale similar to Am7b5. It has a unique fingering when playing this scale, so you need to do a

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