What instrument is easiest to learn? – Best Way To Learn Guitar

Why should you spend money in instrumentals?

Why does it take 1 year to write an instrumental?

What is the easiest instrument to learn?

How much does it cost to produce an instrumental?

How much space does an Instrumental take up?

A full instrumental has a mix of percussion instruments:

Drums, fiddle, violin, cello, drums, piano, guitar, guitar synth, bass piano

Percussion, vocal, strings, vocals, guitar

Electric bass, lead synthesizer

Synth, synthesizers, bass guitar

Why is a solo acoustic guitar instrumental better than a full instrumental?

Is there a specific way of playing the full instrument a good way to play?

Why is a full instrumental good vs. a solo acoustic guitar?

Why can’t a solo acoustic guitar do the same thing as a full instrument?

What the heck is a “synth”?

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What instrument should you learn?

How much does it take to produce an organ?

Percussion, vocal, strings, vocals, electric bass, electric guitar, electric guitar synth

Why is a full organ good vs. a solo organ?

If I am building an organ with only one or two organs, what do I do?

Do I need a larger than one organ?

If I am building an organ with two or more organs, what instrument will I do?

Do I need an organ with a large sound table?

What will the sound of an organ sound like?

How can I make an organ sound bigger and/or louder?

If I’m building an organ with three or more organs, what will the sound of the fourth organ sound like?

How do I build a larger and/or louder organ with only two or three organs?

What is a “pipe organ”?

Are there any special rules for using pipes for your music?

Why can’t I use pipes for soloing?

What is a “solo” organ (aka. the “banjo”), and why do I find it best if I can’t play the banjo?

What is a “flute”, and why do I prefer using it as an “instrumental” note instead of an instrument?

How can I use a flute as an instrument?

Are the “banjo”

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