What is a good age to start guitar lessons? – How To Learn Play Guitar At Home

An age for guitar lessons that works good for beginners ranges from 5 to 10 years old. The idea is that as the kid gets older he gains experience and will get better with his technique when playing the guitar. But in general for a kid at least in Europe, the first time should always be a newbie guitar lesson.

Does a beginner want to start playing when he is 5 or later?

From the beginner’s point of view, if you are playing guitar all the time, yes, you can expect to play a lot of guitar by the time you start playing. But remember, if you are starting on a higher level then you want to be able to do it all the time instead before!

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In the European countries people who are beginners want to play a lot of music, but in most countries they are not interested in learning guitar at all, just playing music. This is because they don’t have a specific goal to achieve, like to buy a guitar and play it and become an artist. For one person this might sound like a great idea, but for another like me it is just not realistic, because if I play guitar as much as my friend playing violin, I will lose motivation to learn anything else. So in general it is a good idea to wait for at least a few years (around 3 years and 1 year in a very popular country) until you have found a guitar you enjoy playing.

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