What is a good price for a beginner guitar?

I’m not very good at this, so I don’t know. For my first set of gear, I chose a Fender Telecaster.

It’s got a nice vintage feel, but it could use some work up front; there’s a thin, wide profile on the body and the strings would look better on a bridge. And the pickups feel a lot like the humbucking pickups on a Fender Telecaster, when I tried them on the old Jazzmaster.

On the bright end, it’s got a nice sound for playing a lot of chords, and a really nice sound for playing bass and singing. If you’re really into that thing the pickups can just be an excellent foundation if you’re going to be playing a lot. And the neck is a lot of fun too.

What about string sets? You can’t really use the standard set like you could on most guitars. I don’t need the 12s and 14s or 12x10s or 16x11s because I need a lot of different sounds. They all fit really good into the body of the instrument.

In the back there’s a nice sound box. It doesn’t have any knobs or stuff like that that you can adjust, but it’s good anyway. As far as I’m concerned all of the guitars I play, I play the whole thing. There are no strings in the back anyway.

I picked up a Fender Tele when I was 18. I got really lucky and got my first one for free. It had been one of these ‘one of these things for life’ kind of guitars, a few pickups and a single body. The only way I have ever had to sell a set was when I got my first Fender amp set, because I took a piece of tape and did a little circuit board in there with some new circuit board parts. That was all he ever sold him. It was a great find.

It’s not just an amp set either. I used what was left of one of those pedals from the ’85 catalog, a Boss OD-II. It was a really great kit that came in the box. It’s got tons of great stuff in it, and the tone was crazy good for all those effects. It’s not just a kit thing.

The next place I tried to find something was a new guitar at Guitar World a few years ago. It was an Fender ES-335, but that was just a tiny box. So