What is the best age to learn guitar?

First, please don’t get so hung up on a particular style. If you are a good learner of a style, great. Then what? Do you really want to get better at that style if you are not improving on that style? If it doesn’t interest you to learn it, then you’d like to stop learning it and move on.

If you do still want to learn the style, then the best advice is to start learning at a lower grade and gain experience. By learning better and going “upstream”, you’ll get better and be better all the while at the same time. For example, a beginner can learn how to pick a guitar, but could use the opportunity to learn how to play chords, strum some notes, apply rhythm to those chords, and also learn how to play melodies and how to practice some tunes. They’ll also enjoy the exercise and will feel more confident.

However, as you progress you can learn to learn what you need to learn and then go directly to the lessons you want.

I’d say learn to learn. So, learn to tune a guitar. Start by trying picking a single string in the right positions. Practice this process with different strings. Then see how it feels, and get comfortable with it. Practice playing all the notes on the chord progression (including chord tones) and tune it down to the first scale tone, and play the following progression:

C – D – E – G – A

Dn7 – D7b5 – D7 – E – G

Here is the original chord form for a typical D minor chord.

Then see how it feels to improvise that way, by playing down any notes and moving them into harmony:

A – B – C – D – E

Here is a more natural-sounding chord with chord tones.

B – C – D – E – F

Next you’ll be ready for something more advanced, such as what we did earlier to get familiar with fingerings in the keys of A major and B minor, by playing down the same notes, but with the root notes changed, like C7. Then look at these notes on the fretboard and then make adjustments and play over them.

For all of these variations you will have to learn and play a lot. If you have a very slow finger-speed, then you’ll have to play slower and slow. As you become more skilled, you’ll have to