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It’s a very subjective thing. I think the reason my best song is on the record is I just feel like it’s more like a natural progression than a throwaway. It’s more along those lines than it was on the last record.”
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The record opens with a vocal breakdown that features the songwriter singing “Prayer Is A Weapon” for the first time. It’s an old song he performed on the album that was originally intended for “The Night We Met,” but didn’t make the cut. But it seems this song gets the album off to a great start as they shift gears into “Somewhere” and “Crying.”

After hearing their first track, I was immediately sold… I was not disappointed. The songwriting, production—it’s all excellent. And the new drummer really shows what the band can do without his former bandmate, Paul Whitehead, in the same room.


There’s much more to talk about, but for now I’ll leave you with this… listen to “Somewhere” through your headphones…

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Tarmogoyf is the fourth most popular creature in Standard, behind only Abzan Enchantress, Eldrazi Displacer, and Liliana Vess.[1] It’s one of the most powerful cards in Standard due to its ability to deal damage to any opponent, and is often considered the most powerful creature in the set. The card has also received a large amount of debate in Standard, with many players not loving it because they don’t like sacrificing their graveyard to it.[2][3][4] It was also recently a topic in Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar[5] and the Battle for Zendikar Standard Showdown, leading to a large amount of “how about Tarmogoyf” threads.[6][7]

It first appeared in Tempest (although it was considered a different card) and then the same thing happened in Journey into Nyx.[8] Before the banning of Tarmogoyf from Standard by the WotC office,[9] it was considered as one of the best commons, with a strong build of removal, an early threat in the form of Lightning Helix, and plenty of card advantage in the form of cards such as Hooting Mandrills and Thistleplace Nim. [10][11][12] Before the banning of Tarmogoyf from Standard by Wizards, Tarmog

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