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Oh, right. All I know is that I don’t know.

When are you going to get married? What are you going to wear?

I’m on the fence.

As a result of the ongoing investigations, in which several members of the Democratic Party have been investigated or have been accused of using political influence to influence public officials, and with the resignation of the former Chairman of the DNC, the Committee has issued a new set of policies as a result of their investigation. These procedures include a new code of conduct and the establishment of a new ethics office to lead the Committee’s oversight of the Democratic Party, in addition to a new leadership structure.

The Committee’s new code of conduct is designed to provide guidance to all members, based on common sense and good common sense, in areas related to ethics and conflicts of interest. That is important as well as helpful in making sure all members are able to provide the necessary level of public service to the Nation while maintaining their personal and professional accountability.

After reviewing the various forms of inappropriate conduct involving former Democratic Party officials, including allegations of bribery and campaign finance violations, the Committee concluded today there is reason to believe that these individuals may be obstructing the legitimate and effective work of the Committee. We are not satisfied with such behavior; however, as is the case with all investigations, the Committee will work with the DNC Ethics Office to determine what further action would be appropriate; or, in this instance, what is already being taken to address the misconduct. In all matters, the Committee values independent counsels and their thoroughness and impartiality.

In any case, the DNC will now focus its resources and attention in the following areas:

— Disclosing all donations that may have been made to the DNC in violation of the Presidential Election Campaign Disclosure Act– The Committee has been collecting and publishing publicly available information about contributions made to Democratic parties during the 2014 election cycle from all sources. As of today, this online site shows the total amount raised by individual candidates and party committees during the election cycle for all candidates. The total amount for Senator Sanders, Governor O’Malley and former Secretary Clinton is available for public inspection and is available by calling the FEC. For Secretary Obama, the total amount raised during this election cycle was reported by the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

— Conducting all investigations of the DNC: Conducting a full financial investigation of the DNC; review all communications regarding our efforts to coordinate with the Democratic

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