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If you already have any instruments/tools like a guitar. For those who don’t. You have so much time left in life and time to enjoy new musical sounds.

You have to find your sweet spot – no matter how hard it seems that there can only be one.

I will never forget a moment on my journey. It was a dark and stormy night and everything felt like it was moving in slow motion. I started the melody as slow as I could to just hear it, but then I picked up my guitar. This took some of the rush out of the music, but it was in my heart and it brought me back to my heart – I had the perfect guitar. It was my way. And it was what I wanted to play. So I started to play it and I was hooked.
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I love that you love to play and I love not knowing my limits.

I was sitting on that cliff and I felt this rush to write and sing and play my love songs. And I saw a star, and when the moon rose it was as if I was riding all the way in a car on a beautiful ride.

When it comes to music, it is like that. Even more so when you have to put it on a daily basis.

When my guitar is a daily companion, as if it was my second son or a daughter or a baby, I have nothing to fear but fear itself. I know this truth now. I know it is not something new. When I was 19, in the first song that was about to be released to the world for my third album, I was sitting in some strange place in a strange place in a weird world and I heard this voice. It was singing the song back at me. I had never heard anyone speak the language that I had been born with. But it spoke to me as if I was back home and it spoke to me like I was back there. I am not used to that. But I am able to play all of the songs. That song is “I am the Light” from the third album.

What have you learned from the past and what is the most important thing about your fans this year? I want to do whatever I can to thank everyone who has been supportive throughout the years. I want to thank the people I’ve had in my life. When people say that you are my baby, they really mean it. It means you are still so much younger than me. My mom

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