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It seems the easiest to me, though I do have a bunch. I think that some of the most difficult songs involve figuring out which string to choose, just because some of the easiest songs have a lot of them. There are some that you really like that you can only play the one or two guitar notes, and some you can play with almost any string. What is the hardest part of playing a song? You’re playing a song that you wrote; that’s a little bit hard. The hardest part is finding the right chord progression, but I can’t say that it’s the hardest part.

Did you ever meet Mike McCready before you started recording? Did you have any of the classic songs on your first album, with the title track in particular? A certain song on the first album had about 500 songs written about it. We never really saw each other, except through some email. I don’t even think about him. He said once, ‘Wow, the song that we wrote in a dream was the hardest to record. It’s like a big dream that’s been carved into a big tree.’ I’m not going to say what the song’s called. I’m going to say that I haven’t been able to record what that was, but I have no doubt that it has a lot of guitar, some melodic stuff and very cool effects. It’s not like there’s really anybody to share it with…

The second album’s cover is very striking and memorable. It’s a different kind of album. You went with an image of the sky which is very striking. What did you have in mind when you made that? The song was called ‘Sky,’ and I was thinking of something like, if you want to go up to space. It’s about going up to a blue dot or the sky at night. But then you look back down and say, ‘Oh, that’s the sky.’ I liked the image of what we were going for – that you can travel up like space. I was really into that image of something going up into space.

Do you see a role for film music in this? At one point you said that they wouldn’t have a rock album if you hadn’t started doing it so long ago and that your first couple of albums were in the style of a soundtrack soundtrack. What are you getting at with that? It’s interesting that now you’re talking about your music as kind of cinematic art. I don’t really believe in that term that much. We

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