What is the easiest song on guitar?

If the guitar is “hard”, there’s no way that I could ever think about that!

If it’s “simple”, I can think of anything at all!

I mean, I’ve been trying to think of what I would say to the guitar players who are playing “simple” or “easy” songs and “complex” or “interesting” or “important”.

But when I try, I always get stuck on the most challenging parts of the song, but once I start thinking about them, they don’t appeal to me at all!

“Easy” songs are all about being able to write on your own, or do whatever you want. They have nothing to do with creativity, or musicality, or what you do in your free time.

“Hard” songs often have a certain amount of time to prepare, but to get a feel of what to do.

For example, a certain part in a popular song from The Rolling Stones might have been rehearsed for a while, maybe even played live many times before. Once rehearsed, you play it with a rhythm section, solo over it, and eventually, what comes is a certain feeling of being completely absorbed in it.

On the other hand, on “hard” songs, you’ll probably get a bad feeling and feel like “I want to quit”.

So, what are my personal ideas?

What guitarists do to create something interesting, or a feeling of a “fantascope” on their guitar?
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In the past, there were some great guitarists who had a good sense of composition and writing things down. I think they would find a certain thing to get their own ideas down before they go on stage.

Here are some songs and/or ideas that inspired me to write my own songwriting:

In the same way a band will record a very short but catchy tune using many different vocalists, many great guitarists will play a song together and record two different songs.

If some guitarists play all the solo lines, and some people play just the intro and verse together, the result is much better!

For example, if you’d like to create a song like “Tender Love”, which would involve all the lines from “Crazy Train”, then you can put on “Tender Love” and go on the road and play it. That would be something very different and interesting to listen to than if you just