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The hardest guitar solo is like me and you, just playing the guitar without thinking.


The easiest solo is probably the most common, but most of the time I don’t hear it. Even if I’m playing my favorite soloist, the solo is harder than anything they’ve played. I tend to only hear it when I’m playing on bass. The harder the bassist, the easier the solo. That’s one of my favorite tricks. I’ll play a bass melody and just start to sing it out and it’s easy. After about 2 minutes of trying to get it just right, I’ll think to myself, “Hey, it’s hard. Let me make it harder so I can do it.”

It’s not as crazy as it sounds. When I’m a part of something, I’m going to think to myself, “Yeah, it’s hard when you’re not there.” I try to create the hardest solo I can. I’ll think, “Let me think about how difficult this is.”


Most people are afraid of looking dumb playing a solo. They get scared that someone might laugh at them—or worse, tell them that they can’t play. What are you doing to keep yourself in check?

—Chris Hulme

This is actually the most important question of them all. It’s about me realizing that what you think of as the hardest thing you do may not be the hardest thing you really do. I think that if someone says you’ve got to play in a certain way in order to be “hard,” and they say you’ve got to play all the notes on the fretboard at least twice in a row, that’s a little bit scary. That is what I think the hardest thing I think I can do is just put myself in this mindset that the idea of what I’m thinking isn’t what you think I really can do. I don’t want to get scared that people think I’m in fact dumb or some other thing. I want everyone to think, Wow, this is tough!

I want everyone to think, This is hard. It’s hard how I feel. Even if I have a little bit of success playing the hard part, it won’t change my perception of what the hardest thing I have to do is.


Your website has a lot of great tips and techniques. What are some tips that you’d consider to be the most helpful?

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