What is the hardest instrument to learn? – Concepts Of Guitar

Well, it depends! If you were to pick a hard instrument to learn, that would be the electric guitar or a violin or the piano.

Is there a favorite instrument that’s been the best one for you, and that you haven’t broken your own fingers on?

I definitely liked the electric guitar, I had my friend who was a great blues guitarist, and he taught me how to play. Then I started playing jazz music, which really got me to thinking about how I can be kind of a jazz guitarist! Then I did the blues, and that got me to think about how I can be kind of more vocal, and my brother and I did a lot of recording with a lot of artists…that’s another good exercise.
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What’s the most difficult piece of equipment to learn, and why is it that you have trouble with it?

The guitar is hard for me to learn, because the way I play is so fast, so I couldn’t even do my own homework on the guitar. I just learned one chord after another, it just became so hard. And then the keyboard is very difficult as well, because the chord progression for this instrument is so complicated, and you can’t play it in one finger, if it’s not exactly at the first finger position. So you can’t really practice it. Sometimes you need to break it, because one finger can’t get the chord. So I have to break it.

How did you start playing the electric guitar, and why did you decide on that instrument as your first instrument?

I was in seventh grade when I started. I got a guitar in ninth grade, but I got sick so I didn’t play with them any more. So after sixth grade I was playing piano and playing with my brother’s guitar… I had just done some jazz stuff in eighth grade. I got a good teacher in seventh grade and I’m glad all this happened, because he had me as his pianist for a while. And then I started playing, I got a couple of gigs when I was 13 or 14, it would have been okay if I could have had it from that age, but I didn’t, and I didn’t have the funds to have someone practice with me.

That’s why I picked up the electric guitar now, and I was able to get a couple of gigs off of that guitar, and I’ve had more gigs since then. I still get a lot of people that don’t have any

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