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The guitar is my favorite instrument. To make it easier it is a very easy instrument. The hardest part about learning guitar is the amount of memorization and memorizing music. Once you have learned a few chords and chord changes, you will learn these easily. You will not have to listen to me teach you how to play this chord. Just try me.

Are there different parts of the guitar that are easy for you to learn?

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I am learning what you play today not like in your whole life. Not like when you were playing music. I can do that. I’ve heard that the hardest part of learning a guitar is making some sounds. It takes a lot of time and I know you are a lot bigger than me and I’ll let you have it. The sound in the guitar is not as important as being able to play these shapes and these chords. I’m learning a lot of sounds right now. We’ll talk about sounds. I learned a lot of these sounds in a way that they will make their sound better. I learned how and where they are placed for a chord. So I can learn all of my sounds easily.

Are there any specific instruments you have been learning lately that you have been loving more than any other?

A lot of my favorite songs are about the people. There’s a lot of those songs on my album. I have a lot of bands that are really passionate with the songs. I have a lot of songs that are really passionate.

Do you have any advice for someone in their first year of learning the guitar?

If you can do it for three months in your life you can do it for more then three months in your life. I wish you good luck.

Do you have any music suggestions for this interview?

I would like to have a song that I can sing, I think I have a song that I can play. Maybe we could see what kind of music it is from the other side. I have some music songs. I need to make a demo. Maybe a song right now.

You can download and stream “Songs to My Guitar” below. It’s available in MP3 format on YouTube.

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