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Noel Gallagher: Yeah I think it’s the “Ceremony,” that’s a favourite with the kids. I mean, they’re big into The Beatles, but they’re not into me at all because I’m not that great. But you know what, they are a bit more enthusiastic about me now than they were ten years ago and that’s more than you can ask for.
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Is that why you are playing more shows in your old age?

It’s because the world doesn’t know me. It doesn’t know my songs, I’m just a nobody. It’s like my songs, I’ve been doing stuff for the last 15 years. But I want to keep playing with them. You know the difference between a musician and an actor, it depends on who plays, as does the style of music you like to play and the things that you find to be good. I have been playing with the Beatles for 30 years so I don’t see why they should be the exception to this rule. I like the Beatles and I like their music and I think my music has taken the songs and created new ones and I want to play with them but hopefully I can continue to play with something else.

How did you come up with your classic rock song “You Just Don’t Understand”?

Well, it isn’t like it just appeared out of nowhere. It was very, very simple, very basic and I wrote it about a guy who does the same things over and over and over. You just don’t understand the difference between his life and mine, and he’s a lonely lonely soul. Anyway, the idea was that if someone wrote a song about somebody just like yourself, it wouldn’t be a happy song about someone’s life, it would just be a song about being lonely. So I wrote it and I recorded it so it would fit with the whole record I wanted to do. Then I used it on “You Don’t Know Me” which was a song about a lover. So it just seemed like an appropriate song to use on one of my new albums, so I put one on a couple of the covers, and I hope the record will be the same thing if you think about it.

Was the record a great success?

Well, it wasn’t a great success at first because it wasn’t that commercial. But we went to the record shop and I knew it wasn’t as easy as everybody thought it would be. So I did my best to get it

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