What key is a guitar in?

If you’re like me and you see guitars as a device for performing and recording, an instrument meant to augment sound and sound-design, you’ll probably see guitar keys as more of a means to an end. I’ve found that you don’t have to be a professional guitar player to enjoy playing an upright. If you’re someone who likes to get a sound from every sound or has an instinct for creating your own, that’s fine too. But if you’re looking to build a guitar into the sound of a live performance, or just find a different way to play your favorite music, getting a guitar out of the box shouldn’t be your primary intent. In a live setting you want a guitar that sounds good for the whole show, especially if it’s your first guitar. You’ll want a sound that isn’t going to dominate the room, and is a solid performer on each note. An early model should have solid bass and solid treble, with more of a middle range tone that provides some subtlety and definition. A great guitar is more like a tool than a toy.

I played some guitar for over ten years before I found that there was a new tool available that was capable of changing the way I play music (or more accurately, change my way of thinking about playing guitar). It really blew me away, and the guitar I took home was so unique that it changed the way I played for years, and a lot of others, too! Guitar is so versatile and complex, it can hold so many different tones on each string, that it’s almost impossible to make them all sound “right” at the same time. But there’s a way to create your own tone from the bottom up. So to sum up: guitar is like a tool, with many different settings from “good” to “great”, and if you play it right you can create your own custom sound.

If that sounds exciting, and you’d like to learn more about guitar and how to get one that’s just right for you, check out my book “How to Guitar”.

How did you get introduced to this particular instrument?

For me, it was in the early 1990s when I was doing a gig with a band. I played the bass, and they had an electric guitar, and I ended up putting the electric guitar up on stage with the two bass guitars. After the show, one of the band members asked if anyone would have any questions about these instruments, and I was happy to oblig