What order should I learn guitar? – Best Way To Learn Guitar Chord Changes In Songs

How to Play Guitar - Electric Guitar Lessons for Beginners

We recommend starting in your comfort zone. A lot of people will take guitar lessons at the beginning, so if the teacher starts the process with “how you should learn to play guitar”, they’re probably going to start with songs that are already familiar to them (for example, if the teacher’s a singer they’re probably going to start with Elvis Presley), and they may give you songs you know from your own personal experience. If you feel unsure of which songs to learn, then your teacher is probably going to start with songs which are less familiar to you, so if you start with songs you think are your first songs, you’ll end up listening to lots of other songs you’ve never heard before and learning what you could have learned a lot quicker.

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need a songbook at the beginning to start learning guitar. As soon as you know how to sing and play along with a song, you can be learning it on the spot, even if your teacher starts out with the songs you already know.

So, what order should I learn from?

If you know the songs and there are just so many they don’t make sense to me in any of this, or maybe you feel that the songs we teach are just too easy, here are the songs I feel are the most important to learn:

If you feel you need to learn to sing, but don’t want too much effort to learn, here’s a list of songs I’d suggest for you to play over and over again (but not necessarily with your guitar):

If you’re a soloist with a guitar that isn’t your main instrument, but want to learn lots of songs if you only have guitar, here is a good list of songs to learn:

If you only have guitar and want to learn lots of songs, here’s a list of songs to learn:

If you have a whole bunch of guitar as well as some singing, here is a big list of songs I’d suggest you learn over and over again:

If you have guitar in your normal range but don’t want to learn any of the songs here (i.e. your guitar isn’t too high, but there is a lot of soloing going on, soloing is not very important for guitar anyway), here’s a list of some songs to be played over and over again over a long period of time.

And of course, for a beginner it’s really hard

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