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First off, what is a “solid” guitar player?

As this definition of the guitarist is the most widely accepted, we need to consider the most common type of guitar: a double-neck instrument. This is a guitar that has one neck which is wider than the other (this width is called the “neck”). These double-neck designs are the most popular as they create a very unique sound. The key to achieving this is that the neck width on a double guitar has to be narrower than the width of the body itself. In other words, the guitar should be the same height and thickness as the top of the headstock (the part below the tailpiece).

Double-Jointed (or “Ebony”) necks

On the back of these guitars is a piece of ebony (a solid wood) which is glued to the back of the headstock. In this design, the ebony is so thick that it effectively locks the neck open on its own and is used to insulate the body. This is especially true if there are multiple strings in the neck including tremolo. Because the body is so thick on a double-jointed neck, the sound from the strings will be much weaker due to this design.

These double-jointed guitars are common for acoustic guitarists that want a strong, clear sound while looking nice. They also work great for playing metal or hard rock. There are some great examples of this type of guitar. Check out our review of our favourite Ebony Double-Jointed guitar in the video above.

A guitar with an oversize nut. The oversize nut is used on a larger body guitar, giving this model an extra bit of volume by increasing the diameter of that nut.

The “Widman” or “Worm”

The two major types of guitar are “standard” and “widman” which are simply the same name.

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The typical “widman” is a solidbody guitar (think of a Strat or a Les Paul) with a wide neck and thickbody or thinbody top. The “Standard” guitars are solid-body guitars (think a Gibson, an Fender, a Fender Stratocaster, etc) with a narrow neck but no added weight in the body. The only difference between these types of instruments are the strings; Standard guitars would have a different set of strings and would have a thicker body or thinbody top. The main difference between these versions of

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