What order should I learn guitar?

A lot of people ask this, and the answer is “it depends”. But, I will tell you at least ten things that I have found very useful when learning other guitar songs.

1. Begin the song with a C chord and a B9 chord.

2. Use the chord that’s next to the one you’re working.

3. Keep practicing the chord that comes above for as long as needed.

4. Use the chord that’s above this one as the foundation of the chord you will play over.

5. Play over chords instead of chords and then use the C chord for the ending of your song.
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6. Make sure that you’re adding all of your C’s and B9’s at the top of your chord shapes rather than on the bottom.

7. If you are going to use the C major scale in your song, use a diminished chord instead of a major one when playing G-A.

8. A minor triad is a “step down” and is used for things that are higher up on the chord progression. So, using the Gmaj7b5 as this example, would be the same as playing G – Eb – G – C – F.

9. You can learn a lot of new chord concepts over a blues chord progression, but you will need to be very specific about the order in which you play over each chord. So, even if you make a certain chord a foundation, you might have to work it over another chord later.

10. You will notice that there are times when I will give you specific suggestions. However, I have found that I get most of my advice from my playing. Therefore, I try to help you in a general way.

So, this is what I have found to be common practice tips for learning songs that use minor triads.

If you have a suggestion for a topic I should cover, please let me know and I’ll consider it!

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