What’s the easiest guitar to play? – Rudiments Of Guitar

You’ve heard people say the Gibson “Fury.” Now, listen, you got the same sounds as any other Gibson. You’re not going to get the sustain and the beauty. But the beauty and sustain of the Gibson sound. But it’s not as easy as the Fender guitar.

And just for a little color, my grandfather’s a huge fan of the Stratocaster. And he’s been singing along with it a lot.

Is it a good guitar to have as a backup?

That’s a great question. I like it. I get a different set of sounds with it than a guitar that’s the same caliber as a Strat. That’s the same sound as other guitar players. I like the sound of a Strat, but I play a Strat at home and we just don’t get the same set of sounds out of it. That’s how I feel about the Strat. It’s very comfortable.

If I were to get a Strat for backup, I would look at the Les Paul and I would say, “OK, I’ll take this.” Because you’re gonna have it, regardless if you get it or not. But I would say that you should never take the Strat guitar for backup unless you’re playing with a great band. If you’re doing that, you’re playing with a group of people that really know their stuff.

There’s a lot of different kind of players out there but the people that really know their stuff is the ones that you can go out and play with a lot of different people. I like to play with people that I respect. Just give you a guy that I like and you go out and, in my mind, that’s the best guitar to have for backup. But for now I’m going to have it just for me.

What else should musicians of all persuasions have to ask themselves when they’re looking at a new electric guitar? Is there anything that you personally find most attractive about a guitar or a pick or a tuner setup?

The only thing I like about a pick, I feel it’s nice to add a little touch on top of the headstock that creates the illusion of something that’s real. And you can’t put that thing on the neck because it’s an artificial thing. But when you’re picking, you can. With the pick I look at it like I’ve got a piece of glass in my hand.

I like that when you’re playing with something, you have the

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