What’s the easiest song to play on guitar?

“That’ll be that. I just love the Beatles. They just hit that one groove where they’re not worried about melody and are just so in love with the instrumentation, which is cool. It sounds like the best I’ve been on a guitar since I started making music, actually. I’m like, ‘Ahhh this is a nice song.’ If you can figure out your own chords and stuff.”

Do you like to write?

“I don’t have that many songs right now. It’s like, what am I doing? I get bored of writing music every day.”

Did you get a taste for writing during the first time?

“Before I started making music, I just wasn’t very much of a writer. I was just taking things out of my pocket and throwing them on the street. I would just throw stuff out and call it a day. That’s when I kind of got into writing music. I don’t know, maybe a little more. It started growing a few years ago, even though I’m so on the road. My writing process has gone a little bit faster.”

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Why do you think your music has been embraced by both teenagers and older listeners?

“I think people like my music because it’s just a fun way to relax. Sometimes people come up to me after a show, and they’re like, ‘Man, that sounded so good!’ And I’m thinking, ‘Oh, cool, I’m just playing a song that people can pick apart.’ Like if somebody said, ‘Man, that was really good.’ I might think, ‘Ah fuck, I didn’t even play it!’ I think it kind of sounds like rock. The lyrics really hit that vibe. It’s not heavy and heavy and heavy, but it seems like it could be some heavy stuff, like if you’re a heavy metal fan. And I love that kind of music.”

What’s the worst record to ever come out of the Bay Area?

“I don’t know it, but the only records I was into were the ones like, ‘Man, the way you sing.’ When I was a kid, everyone wanted to record music. Now some people just want to read things, and I’m always the kid that says, ‘What?’ I don’t even understand it.”

Is there anything that you would change about what you have done as a songwriter or a musician?

“Maybe writing on TV might be