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The guitar is the single greatest invention the rock music industry has ever seen. But, in order to understand what makes this instrument so amazing it’s important to understand how and why each song has its own unique sound.
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When we first started, the one rule that still applied to how we recorded and recorded the music was that if we’re going to use a particular pitch register then we have to play with it. There was a lot of debate and debate inside the band as to which part of the guitar would be used – because some parts were going on the low register and there were parts going on the higher (or high) register – and we’d hear different pitches when we started. It was really tough on the musicians and especially the drummer, but it was one of the biggest challenges ever.

That debate was eventually settled down to using the upper right register for the drums and the upper right register for the guitar because everybody is always looking to go into the lower register and go deeper into their sound.

When we first began to record, we had the idea of using a bass and upper part of the octave for the drums. That was an early ’60s thing. The bass players weren’t much into it – they just wanted their drums to just go into their sound. That was a little different from the way we were going to approach song structure.

By the end of the sessions we’d decided on what our instrumentation was going to be but the drum sound needed to have a specific kind of sound. So one particular idea was we would take the bass section and put it in another part of the octave, and we would be able to use that same register. And we would start with the lower upper register and then make sure the drum had that same signature and tone, which the lower and upper bass sections had on the album.

It worked out brilliantly from day one. By the end of the sessions, the bass was more prominent than the guitar in our songs. All the guitar parts were playing around, they were not the direct part of the song and they were playing with their own sound.

But the bass, if you think about it, it’s the only instrument that can play that different sound! That’s the only sound that can change at any time. So that kind of thing came from the bass playing and the fact that we could use that sound to change. That helped in terms of the structure of the songs too because we were able to work within the

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