Which is the best guitar under 5000? – F Major Chord Guitar For Beginners

I think it would be better suited for a semi professional player with a good body/neck fit (preferably a nice old-school ’68 Epiphone/Gibson)

Are you a guitar buyer or a player?

I’m a player. I like to keep my fingers busy. 🙂

Which strings should I use?

If you don’t feel like buying a guitar with a particular string combination then choose the ‘best of the best’ and go with the most suitable string.

What about your guitars?

I mostly play bassed.

If you’re interested in buying a guitar I’d love to talk to you.

I’ve built many of them myself and also help others in their quest to make the finest guitar possible with the best materials and designs available for the guitar they’ve just bought. For a small fee most people can build a guitar from scratch. This guitar builder has built over 40-50 guitars and they all are well worth it. This builder also sells a lot of guitars but his building techniques are not all that different from mine when building one of my own.

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