Which is the best guitar under 5000? – Guitar Tricks

The Fender Stratocaster is a great guitar, but it is very expensive in its price range. A better pick is Fender’s Telecaster.

What is your favorite amp or amp series?

Vintage amps, new amps are great. A solid set of tubes is a must.

What guitar amp have you used on your last tour?

I have a lot in me that I haven’t used in years. I can’t think of a single show that has needed anything more than my original 1964 Les Paul Standard guitar.

Do you currently have any new project gigs or is the next gig coming at the beginning of the year?

The next tour will see me doing live recording on my V-Series Stratocaster. I have many more recordings lined up in my home studio, so this one seems a little delayed.

Any plans to purchase any more instruments?

As of mid-February, my guitar collection had reached 25 years.

Anything you want to add/change?

I’m not one to oversell my music… I still love it and still listen to it… If I haven’t learned something (or improved upon it), then it isn’t new to me!!!

Would that be all for now? Any final thoughts/comments?

Thank you, John for taking the time to speak with me before making this statement. I would encourage anyone with their own guitar collections to check out all of John’s work and make their own decision as to whether he is the best guitarist alive.


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