Who is the best online guitar teacher? – Free Easy To Learn Guitar Lessons

The most highly respected teacher for beginners and intermediate players (as well as advanced guitarists)

Totally new to the guitar world? A great place to start

Excellent instructor. Can teach you guitar techniques that you don’t know

Works great in a small group, for a small fee (not recommended for large groups)

You only pay when you learn

Will take on any projects (from guitar to music business)

Have you ever attended A&R school and been stuck with horrible guitar lessons?

Maybe because of your high school years, but the teachers at A&R schools are pretty low level. They would tell you what to change and what not to, and in the end this is what ends up being frustrating because you can’t play like you know you need.

What about teacher recommendations?

These are great if you find a good teacher. Otherwise, try going to another teachers forum and check out the feedback there. I have an online list of teachers with reviews, and if you just go online, you will probably have more positive feedback.

How long did it take you to learn guitar?

I started from scratch, but I never found a teacher who was willing to teach guitar. I found a couple of websites, but they were more geared toward musicians. Then I found some online resources, and it just clicked. As soon as I began the lesson, I got really motivated. The rest was just trial and error.

What would you recommend someone do if they wanted to learn guitar?

I’d say to go out and learn! I really can’t stress this enough. It goes without saying, but don’t do everything in the same day just to learn! If you go out just to learn, you’ll have to make a ton of mistakes in between lessons. But once you’re learning, you’re in.

Do you have any tips for those who are coming to a new guitar lesson with no previous experience?

Don’t be afraid to change, and have fun!

What’s the last thing you learned about learning guitar that stuck with you?

If you really want to learn guitar, you have to have some interest in it and not be afraid to fail!

What was the best thing about the first few lessons you attended?

The teachers are extremely cool. They are always interesting and really friendly to me. They were also so patient. It’s really hard to learn a

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