Who is the best YouTube guitar teacher? – Electric Guitar Fundamentals

How can I make music with my iPhone?

I have a song I want to make, but I can’t find a teacher to help me. What should I do?

My parents are still learning the guitar. What should I do?

A friend of mine plays guitar. What should I do?

My friend of my age plays a lot of different music and his tone doesn’t seem to fit any one type of guitar. Should I ask him to teach me?

How much training and practice are needed to be able to play an instrument?

I have some music I’d like to learn. What should we talk about?

Why are you playing guitar at home, or online, and not in a band?

What is a great guitar solo?

What’s the difference between a “Guitar Player” and a “Guitar Master”?

MADISON, Wis. – Police are investigating a shooting outside of a bar in Madison. They said the fight started when two people started fighting in the parking lot of the Sports & Spirits Bar on Monday night.

The woman who is thought to be the victim said the two people went inside the bar’s parking lot and that’s where the fight started.

Police said they received a call from a friend who had been inside the bars where they said the people who started the fight were both people who are friends of the woman who was killed.

Officers said no arrests were being made Monday night as investigators continued to gather evidence.

Anyone who was in the parking lots at about 9 p.m. Monday can be questioned about the incident in person by calling 800-423-TIPS (8477) or by emailing Crime Stoppers at 800-225-8477 (8477).

DATE: Jun 16, 2014 | BY: Rudie Obias | Category: Sci-Fi In Real Life

This weekend the big screen metropolis of San Francisco is coming to the small screen for a reboot of the cult classic “The Goonies.” The sequel will be directed by David Gordon Green (I, Robot) and co-starring Justin Long (True Blood, The 100).

This is not the first meeting between Green and The Goonies and it won’t be the last. The director will be working with director Rob Reiner, producer Howard Gordon, producer Kevin Williamson, and producer Marc Platt on the reboot and they are currently planning to take advantage

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