Can you rap Alexa? – Free Rap Course

“C’mon. Let’s put your best foot forward.” No. “Let’s put my best foot forward.” “Can ya do this now.”

“Hear it from Alexa.”

“C’mon. Come on, C’mon!”

“C’mon. Come on. Let’s do it!”

Let me start off by saying: when my little sister came out of my body, I realized we had really only been doing this for a week and a half or so — when I finally realized that this had been me for years, so I just went there like we were supposed to. But, here we are: here we are with our first song together, “C’mon” — the one that we had just had on the radio the other night, which we had always been trying, but never had the opportunity to do.

And here’s where I start talking about you for about 10 seconds. I feel like that’s all it took — that I just kept asking so many questions. How did you guys met? Where are you from? Why are you so crazy?

How do you guys meet?

How do you get together?

“Hey, how do ya guys meet? Yeah. I guess it’s when all we’re talking about is we don’t meet on the street anymore.” — we’re out in the woods (I’m not drunk and just really think I was talking about you because it’s nice to hear that).

Well, I mean, I’ve met people from all over the world. And we always have. So that’s kinda how we fit with each other, really.

What are we even doing? (laughing): We’re walking into the forest, and we’re singing together.
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And we talk about a lot more. Like, you know, we talk about love and what we’re fighting against, or what we need to do. Or what we’re doing right now, or what has to happen, or what we need to do to get out of our current situation.

That’s how we fit in. It’s just, we get along so well. And we laugh so much.

Do you have a motto?

Yeah, I gotta tell you a secret. I’m just trying to live my life to the fullest in life, and then, when I’m finished with it, I just keep putting it on there, so you see that my motto is

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