Can you rap Alexa? – Rock N Learn Rap Opening Night

Alexa is the leader of the world’s largest online and social music discovery platform and she has been given the power to help us find the perfect song. Now Alexa’s got the power to make new songs.
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Alexa has a wide variety of ways to help you learn about music and find new artists that you can follow. This Alexa skill makes it possible to add new songs to your favorite services like Spotify, Pandora and Rdio, even if you don’t have an active subscription to those services. Even better, the Alexa skill will automatically create playlists that will feature some of your favorite songs in some genre.

Let Alexa do this for you

The first step to learning about new music is to be able to say something that makes people want to find it. So what if you have no time to sit and listen to a song? No problem. All you need to do is ask Alexa and get recommendations from your favorites.

Here’s what the Alexa skill can do:

Ask for a playlist on Spotify

Ask for a song from Pandora (if you have a subscription)

Ask Amazon to add a song to your playlist (e.g. from Pandora)

Ask your favorite streaming service to add you to a stream (e.g. if you subscribe to Pandora)

Ask you to choose a genre on a service of your choice (e.g. Spotify)

Ask for a new artist to follow (e.g. Rdio)

And, if you’re not so into listening, you can say anything else that you’d like to say. Alexa will automatically reply with a play list, or a recommended artist, or what genre you’re into. You can then listen to that artist’s entire catalog or just a few songs from your favorite songs with a single voice command.

If you’re not familiar with what “suggest suggestions” actually mean, let’s dive in anyway. Basically, it means the skill will ask you for a song from a specific service or genre based on how well Alexa knows the music in that service. For example, if you know that Spotify knows which songs are popular on Spotify, and you want to ask Alexa to recommend a song that will fit your tastes, it could say “suggest songs from Spotify.”

The first question that you’ll be prompted with is whether or not you want to suggest a song for Amazon Music. This will give you a handful of recommendations or what genres you’d like to

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