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Was there a scene that really sparked it from start to finish, even though I know there are countless theories and theories on how and when it happened?

DJ Kool: I don’t think there was a true gangsta rap before “Crocodile” hit, because there was really not one single gangsta rap on the radio at that point. When I got on the radio my first thing was, “How you doing kiddo?” So that song really came a little earlier because I was already making radio. I got to a place where I knew what the sound of my radio show was. There is just more of, “I like this sound.” Because that is where you started. So “Crocodile” was just kind of more of a natural progression rather than just some kind of a breakthrough or thing that happened.

I saw your record in the warehouse store. What made the experience worth it to you to share your vision to the masses?

DJ Kool: It was awesome. There’s the whole thing of, “What would our community want to hear?” That was kind of like a great way to tell a lot of stories that don’t have a home.

Is the world that you write about on the album the world that most people live in? Like what’s your world view?
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DJ Kool: Sure. I mean we got our own little little thing, and the whole thing is kind of a big thing, but it’s not very big. Most people are pretty much in the same place where we found ourselves. That’s the thing about a lot of rap music, and there’s a really big community around it. You know, the whole city, that’s in South Central L.A. and all that. So, we kind of got to kind of take that part of it back to the roots of the project and the people with the same ideas that are really, really into it, that don’t really have a lot of time or money to travel for hip-hop. They just kind of hang out in their apartment and listen to this and this, it happens to be some rap music like that. And they just kinda like that and kind of like that. And kind of try to make stuff that fits those elements, kind of like what we have made is probably like the perfect fit for that part of the scene.

It’s funny, because when people say that they love the music, they kind of go crazy saying they loved

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