How do I sell my first beat?

Just use a link with this link to be placed with the right people, because I want to buy my tracks and then sell them here. If you don’t have someone to sell it to it will be very hard for them to find you.

Can I do any of the remixes?

I will create a thread for those that want to remix these tracks.

What do the icons mean?

The icons stand for a track in the artist list. The artist’s name has a link to a new track, the track has a link and the track size has a link to a file you can download to add or change it to. In the future I would like the files to be linkable and the file size the same, so that even though the artist has a new track, I can easily link it back to that old track to get it to get bigger. If you use a different track type, I will make multiple ones for you.

Why the logo?

This is just a small teaser before I’ll make the logo, hopefully someone likes it. I’ve always wanted to get into selling my music and the logo is a cool way for me to do so. My other tracks have their own images in the image section, so that means that no matter what the logo is like, it’s the track you’re buying it on. I’ll probably do an image too but the logo is so cool and well respected that I thought I would keep it to myself.

Can I get my songs listed in the Artist Playlist?

Yes. I will have an artist, song and track page open for when people go to the Artist Playlist and buy from the playlist, I will put the track in there that they would like to listen to. If you are buying from the Artist Playlist, it will be at the top of your Artists list and you will have to click the Track link inside of the Artists tab.

Where can I get