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You probably can’t make a living off music like you can making a living off art. You can make a living off a good sound. But to make anything, you need to have an idea. And to have an idea, you need money in hand.

Are you thinking about recording more music?

No, I don’t plan on going anywhere. In the end, I’m just trying to make music, and I’m trying to make music that means something.

Why not make more of a living off music first?

It’s a lot easier to make money from writing than it is from doing. If you write a song and nobody hears it, then you have a song and you don’t have a job. If I don’t sell a single, then I’ve failed, and I may as well give up now, because it’s such a sad, difficult game. But no, no, I’m gonna keep making music. My intention is to still be a singer.

Do you want to do more singing?

Oh, absolutely. I’m not complaining when people say, “Well, you’re too serious,” because it kind of makes me sad, you know? We can’t have the singer-songwriter-rapper-singer-songwriter-rapper-singer kind of thing. The truth is, we’ve all grown up with music, and we’ve all lost that childhood. So when people say, “Oh, he’s too serious,” I can’t complain. I’ve grown up with music, and I’ve loved it like a child.

What’s your favorite album?

“I’m Your Man” was a little too good for me, or at least just right. (Laughs.) I like “When I Was Your Man!” I was singing to myself when I was a kid, but when “When I Was Your Man!” came out, it just sounded so beautiful. I like “If You’re So Smart,” too.

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The number of young people using electronic cigarettes has risen to 1.6 million. But not everyone thinks the risk posed by vaping is as great as it may seem, writes Caroline Lucas.

It’s a story of good PR and bad publicity. After a few years of controversy over e-cigarettes, they began to find a new fan base amongst those who think they’re harmless.

The latest figures show sales of e-liquids, which

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