How do you rap on an iPhone?

Can you write an email on an iPhone? Can you send files from an iPhone to a Windows PC? Can you send emails from an iPhone to your computer, or vice versa? If you use an iPhone, can you send your photos to friends on the internet? If you used your Macbook Pro in the past, can you send files from an iPhone to your Macbook that you can import into an iTunes file exchange? Can you send your emails from the Mac to an iPhone without losing the emails that you originally sent from your Mac?

If you’re an iOS user, can you send your files via iMessage to your Mac in a format compatible with that format? Can you send an email to an iMessage recipient on an iPhone? Is there a way to send SMS from an iPhone to someone on a Mac or PC, or vice versa?

Can you view an iMessage sent from a Mac to a Windows PC? If so, will this be compatible with iCloud on Windows and a future Android release? Would this be compatible with an iOS release of the iPhone?

What happens if a Mac dies? If it’s a power failure, does Apple still have the keys? If it’s a software upgrade, is the OS still running? Can I turn off notifications, iMessage and iCloud service if my Mac is dying? The OS version and hardware of an iPhone are two completely different things. One version of iOS isn’t “compatible” with another. Which version of iOS do I download when my Mac dies?

How do I configure my iOS device to send iMessages to my iOS device without Apple sending anything that has nothing to do with Macs?

Are there any standards/standard-essential iMessages for iOS devices? What about “regular” apps, which would work with the normal iMessages/Calendars that you send on iOS? Any other standard-essential iMessage for iPhone users?
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Are there any apps that take advantage of iMessage? What do these apps look like, and what features do they have? Any apps that don’t require iMessage (other than apps that do support it) that the iPhone user can rely on while working on something else?

The iOS community needs to get together. The best way to improve the support for iMessage on iOS is to provide the community with a standardized standard as a starting point – an Apple-signed standard that every iOS developer should follow. If Apple really wants to give iPhone developers what they want, they