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What to Know The victim of a shooting that wounded a man in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood was a member of the New Year’s Day parade security team

A gunman opened fire at the parade in Chelsea, wounding a man

The parade, which started as a “peaceful event” in honor of the New Year, was in the midst of a demonstration about police brutality and racial injustice

A gunman shot at New Year’s Eve celebrants — including an NYPD officer — on the sidewalk at Grand Central Terminal before police shot him dead.

The man struck by the gunfire was 42-year-old Steven Prentice, who was a member of the security team for the parade, police said.

The NYPD, city buses and NYPD-owned motor vehicles were evacuated around 2:15 a.m., with more then 500 people being taken to city hospitals.

Video of what happened captured at Grand Central Terminal early Thursday morning as revelers poured into the busy Terminal, which runs for more then a mile along the East River, showed three officers rushing on the sidewalk, firing at people inside and outside the terminal.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton told reporters at the scene there may have been as many as 12 shooters.

No arrests have been made.

“Some of the people in the parade were shot, but the suspect was not shot,” he said at the scene. “He is a gunman. He’s not going to be caught.”

Aerial video and photos of the scene showed crowds of revelers in a sea of red and blue in front of the World Trade Center, including the famed World Trade Center tower as well as Manhattan’s iconic “Walk of Fame” memorial.

Witnesses told The Post they heard at least five or six shots ring out, followed by the shouts of “Run” from those outside the terminal.

“I heard eight or nine [shots and] then I heard the screams and there was the sound of blood and everything,” said Michael Gorman of East New York.

In footage released by the NYPD and a police helicopter, two pedestrians are seen running into oncoming traffic before being stopped by a police car in front of the terminal. Police radio said the officers “tased” one of the suspects until he stopped and laid on the ground.

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