How fast can Eminem rap?

His new album is expected to be released next year.

When did Eminem start rapping?

Elvis Presley

Why isn’t Eminem better known?

Elvis is one of the greats.

Where is Eminem from?


How long ago was Eminem born?

October 30, 1982

Can Eminem make an album like “Kung Fu?,” a song on “Hustle and Flow”?

He won’t do it. Eminem has his own style.

Has anyone ever had to change their name after Eminem?

They were going by a different name before they changed it to Eminem.
BBC Three - The Rap Game UK, Series 1, Episode 3

Has anyone ever told us to stop calling Eminem a rapper?

No. Everyone seems to think Eminem is a rapper.

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