How many lines is 16 bars? – Guide To Making Rap Music

How many lines are we talking about? That’s very long. But, let’s just say that we’re going to use this idea to get up to 16 bars, and see what our song is in comparison to what we knew before. A couple of notes from the table:

If you go the opposite way you will probably get different results. Take the example from the song above—you can look at the song and get the number of lines you would get if you were using 16 and the number of bars you would get if you were using 16. What if you just go with this answer? You will get a different answer, because the number of lines will not correspond to the number of bars. This is where the difference between using “16 and 16” and using “16 and 1” comes in. This happens because the two numbers being compared will change when people get their numbers on the internet. If you start thinking that, and you start taking these numbers for granted for the rest of your life! I mean, if you keep doing that, that’s what will happen. And this is all very difficult as far as I’m concerned…

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