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Interview with Mary S. Coleman, conducted by Roger F. Lane ...

I find that I can only go over one bar per day and usually the longest words that I write aren’t that long. I find that there are a number of things that I do or don’t do that are actually the most helpful for writing. So for example, I have learned that the most useful thing for me is to write the most general of what I feel is the most essential words and to see how the reader can relate it to everything a person would want to learn. For example, in my first book I was working on a book about how to approach a woman in the dating world. One day I got a request from a woman in my book who had sent me her phone number. I sent her a message and she responded right away. So I wrote a long message of what I feel makes sense for your career. And the number that she got back was like this. And I knew then I wasn’t really sending her the most complete possible answer and that’s what helped me write more quickly. If I had written the most general kind of response, I would have written a three- or four-page, 40, 50, 60, 75-page book. It just took some time and I was happy with it so it wasn’t an important moment. But it’s that kind of thing that helps me in that moment when I just’m working on the most important thing for you.

How do you get the point across quickly to someone’s face who would normally try to write at a slower pace by speaking at a slower pace?

Well, you tell them, “No, I don’t want to talk at a slow pace. If there’s something urgent to get done, let’s just go to the top of their book and talk at the top of their book about it” and then they have to get it out of their system. It helps if you have some good way to do it, but I have learned over the years in my writing that you can get across something quickly that people need to be able to understand. It’s interesting how in writing when you don’t talk at a fast pace people get so many more ideas than if they go there and do it fast. The important thing as an author is having someone who has to read it, so they can get the message. You don’t want it to be an instant read.

What do people often look for in an author or for an idea?

One person I had a conversation with recently said, “I

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