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A 16-bar song might have up to 6,000 notes, making it one of the most widely known patterns. It is made in 12-note or 16-note ways with the 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th notes.

So how many notes does it take to play one bar?

As in the piano pattern, there are 4 types of notes with 4 types of notes from each one. The main difference is the number of notes in a bar. A bar contains 12 notes:

An octave, or 12 notes from A to G for a total of 160 bits.

For an octave, each note has an octave of 3, giving you 48 notes altogether.

There are 2nd, 4th and 6th notes for a total of 8 bits.

If you have a piano or instrument and want to find out how many bits each note is, use this simple calculation:

Where m is the note number, e is the octave (12×2), and b is the number of bits required to hold the note.

What is the root of 16?

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The root of 16 is 16 (or 2) times 10. So, the root of 16 is 16*10. In other words, we have 10 = 16*32.

Now for some fun math.

The root of an octave 16-note scale is 15, which is 10×2. So, 15 = 16*32.

The root of a 16-note scale from A to C is 22, which is 5×2. So, 22 = 16*32.

The root of a 16-note scale from D to E is 24, which is 3×2. So, 24 = 16*32.

The root of a 16-note scale from F to G is 30, which is 8×2. So, 30 = 16*32.

And the root of a 16-note scale from H to J is 46, which is 16×4. So, 46 = 16*32.

So, we get the first four roots: the root of 16 and the root of 16 times the number of bits required to hold each note. So, 16 = 24×96 = 6,288,144, which is 26,576,824, which is 9.14 billion.

Which is the smallest number of bits?

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