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If you have your head up your butt. Coolio is a 26 year old rapper from East Lansing who was once the guy you had to ask if you were on drugs to get away with murder. He was known for his gangsta style, but he was also pretty much into sex.

He is also known for the infamous “T-shirt” he was wearing on stage and the “Hotline Bling” he had on his laptop to take pictures of with his phone. He was also known for his controversial past, with people saying he was part of the “N.W.A”, which is a gang that is infamous for being black and misogynistic. Coolio said that he was never part of the N.W.A, and that he didn’t actually date or take part in any of their activities.

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His album is called “All for you,” but the title is pronounced “all for.” He is the “The Man (the man) the man (that”) is the man” and “The Man (the man) is the man, and the man is the Man.” He has released over 20 albums, but a song on his latest is called “My Bad.” It is a very bad song.

Coolio is married to a blond woman who he calls his “honey” which he says mean nothing at all, but they are in love. His wife goes by the name Saya. He has never had children. He was on the cover of Forbes magazine in 1998. The article featured a picture of an overweight couple making out. There was also a picture of a “hot girl” in black bra and low panties. Coolio said that he is going gay like on the movie “The Hangover,” but then said that he is not gay, which is a lie. He is just a gay dude.

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