How old is the oldest rapper?

The question is a difficult one, but I would say it has to be 40 or older.

I have no idea. I guess for Kanye’s “Famous” he’d be 50-ish.

If you were allowed to do one album for us, what do you think would be your favorite?

There are so many. “I Don’t Care,” a really special one… It should be on the top ten list. “Real Friends” is just crazy.

Favorite artist?

Drake is my favorite. “Summer Sixteen” is a good song. The way he’s writing it he’s really happy because he can’t do anything right and then he can just get it right.

Does everyone take the rap world seriously?

People talk to you and they take it seriously. When I was growing up around the city there were a lot of kids who really took to the music. And the things that people would do outside of school… It wasn’t that you had to be a star.

Have you been to the Grammys? Do you know where the awards are or how they work?

I didn’t go to the Grammys in the nineties or any after. In 2000 I went to the premiere for “Summer Sixteen”, but I was too young. I’m a fan I’ll say that.

What was your reaction when you heard Drake win “The Life of Pablo” and “I Don’t Care”? Is he now your favorite rapper?

I knew Drake from his “Hotline Bling” and he wasn’t at a level I took to his work then. I’ll say he’s one of my favorite rappers at this moment. He’s a rapper with a message and he’s a strong message.

When you first met Drake, what was your impression of him?

I was in some bar with my friends and Drake came up behind me and said “Hi, I’m the man from the world famous gangster rap act” (laughs).

Why did you decide to open for him?

I was doing a charity event for something like $50,000 a pop and I thought it was kind of funny. And he made us the lead dancers. I think that’s why he’s on such a different level with the young audience right now.

Have you seen enough in rap to know if it’s a genre that’s growing, where it’s headed and how to deal with it